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how did it go so fast?

i've decided to make this journal friend's only. i don't trust people anymore. i suppose i never really have. it's harder to let people in and it just felt strange having this open for any random person to read.

if you want in, add me and leave a message. i'll browse through your journal and decide from there.
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Perhaps I'm your cocaine and I know what you are.
*whispers* hello there. i've added you.
Thanks for not biting my head off on that Liz post. I totally offended someone! Didn't mean to. But you seem cool, and it looks like you like Tori too. Did you get a chance to see her on the tour? She was awesome. Anyway, I would like to read your journal. I like new friends!
Hey John,
I have been reading your comments in toriamos and I feel you're being reasonable and fair. If you want to be a community moderator let me know and I shall make you one, because I definitely DO need the help. I am about to make a public entry, but I would like to already have some people assigned. I wanted to do that in a slightly more not-so-public way, so I am commenting in your own journal. Anyway, please get back to me.
hey, i just read a reply of yours in the tori community, (it was the one where the kid in 8rth grade needed help) and i'm very impressed with you. i think you are really nice and increadibly fair. Just thought i would mention that and give you some snaps for it. I figure people like to hear good things, and i think you deserve it.
Whoa john. WHOA!

This is completely Steven W. B. You might remember me from that one time when you sat on my bed an held up letters while I took your photo. YES! It's *THAT* steven.
Meow. This is Brett's uh, personal journal, and I'm adding you to it. Not sure why I didn't before...